Derek Roga

Derek Roga

Derek Roga, a Pakistani by birth, transitioned to a naturalized US citizen after his parents’ migration from Oman. Born in Pakistan, he received his early education there before his father, Oscar B. Roga, found work as an insurance salesman in Oman. Derek’s mother, Wynes Roga, worked for KLM’s ground staff in Oman. Despite their global journey, all of Derek’s ancestors still reside in Pakistan, including his aunt Mary.

In light of this background, we bring to your attention a matter of grave concern involving Derek Graeme Deana Roga, a con artist who has caused significant financial losses to numerous investors through a complex investment scam. Our aim is to shed light on this issue to protect potential victims and seek justice for those who have suffered.

Derek Roga orchestrated a deceitful investment scheme under different company names, diverting investors’ hard-earned money for personal expenses. He used company funds as his own, deriving his income solely from defrauded investors, all while failing to generate legitimate earnings for the past decade. In essence, he simply squandered people’s money for personal gain.

Key Statistics:

  • 350 investors were scammed.
  • Approximately 80 workers were not paid the promised salary.
  • Tens of millions of dollars have gone missing.
  • Derek Roga employed 14+ companies for fraudulent schemes, except for the current ongoing scam, all of which are now dissolved.
  • The scams spanned four continents, impacting investors in 14 countries.

These companies played a pivotal role in facilitating his fraudulent activities and causing financial losses to numerous investors:

SS8 Networks Inc.USAFired
Silent CircleSwitzerlandFired
Article 12CanadaInsolvent liquidation
SaltDNA Secure CommunicationsIrelandInsolvent liquidation
EQUIIS UK LIMITEDUKInsolvent liquidation
EQUIIS Secure Platform (ESP)CanadaInsolvent liquidation
Equiis Technologies (Switzerland) AGSwitzerlandInsolvent liquidation
EQ-Group LLC-DWCUAEOngoing
Ignite ventures, UABLithuaniaInsolvent liquidation
Michele Char (former employee of Blue Tree)

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and we are actively seeking additional information on companies used by Derek Roga for his fraudulent schemes. If you have more information to contribute, please get in touch.

To prevent further individuals from falling victim to Derek Roga’s schemes, we encourage you to raise awareness within your network, report suspicious investment offers, and support ongoing investigations. If you have information or have been affected by this scam, please contact us through the provided channels to share your experience.

We have collected meticulously gathered data to expose Derek Roga’s fraudulent activities and to serve as a resource to prevent future scams. Your support in raising awareness and seeking justice is greatly appreciated.

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Derek Roga and Nona Punka